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OBRX is About Building Relationships

As a digital broadcast producer that is owned and operated by FacilityAXS.net, Oahu Business RadioX uses Earned Media Marketing methods as its primary tool to get the word out about the businesses we support.  As such, Oahu Business RadioX offers ALL local businesses FREE digital broadcast production and distribution services that they can leverage to boost their respective businesses.

OBRX offers local businesses four (4) production formats:

  1. In-person studio interviews;, face-to-face interviews,
  2. Remote Interview; at business locations, including tradeshows,
  3. Onsite Interview; conducted at a client location, usually during special events.,​​​​​​​
  4. Video Conferencing production via Zoom, and other methods desired by our clients.

Note ... All digital broadcast productions are automatically shared and distributed to all major podcast platforms via the Business RadioX Network

  • A copy of the MP3 audio file is also provided to each. guest speaker for use however they prefer, at no cost.

Oahu Business RadioX (OBRX) is a Digtial Broadcast Producer slated to  become a local "Studio Partner" of Business RadioX based in Hawaii

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Sam Harrell

Owner /Operator 

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Lee Kantor

BRX Owner

Specialized Team

Our Specialized Team consists of entrepreneurs and enterprises.

A Digital Broadcast Production Service

Make Your Customers Part of Your Story!

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