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" I really appreciated you guys having me on.  I have been on other radio shows and just wanted to say you guys did the best job of making me less nervous and more comfortable throughout the program. 


Chief Marketing Officer, SmartUp

"​​​​​​​Thanks to our weekly radio show and podcast, we have been exposed to businesses from all over the country, and even in other parts of the world. We now have clients in South America, Philippines, Kazikstan, Sweden, and Peru as well as in 49 States. This would not have been possible without Business RadioX."


CEO, Sterling Rose Consulting Corp

"It was a real pleasure seeing you today and participating on your show.  You guys do a great job interviewing and making it fun for your guests.  I look forward to hopefully doing more shows with you in the future.  Thanks for inviting me!"


Lumense, Inc.

"Hosting a radio show and podcast on Business RadioX® has allowed us to meet and create warm relationships with more top executives and decision-makers faster than we could on our own. It's been good for business!"


Marketing Manager, CDI Managed Services

Success Stories

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As one of the owners of Oahu Business RadioX, I have experience helping businesses explore ways to improve their exposure to more customers.  Below are Success Stories of businesses that have experienced success using our BRX platform to accomplish that success.  I am here to help you explore options that might help you as well.

Business Consultant

Sam Harrell

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